Big data is out; machine learning is in – Gartner Hype Cycle

Rapidly build and deploy enterprise machine learning products using our NLP Framework

Machine Learning products are the hottest topic in tech at the moment; ‘machine intelligence’ is the term used to cover both machine learning and artificial intelligence. Computers are learning to read, think and write; the ‘intelligence’ derived from many years of research and development in academia.

There is a lot of ‘hype’ of course out there as new startups emerge with the label ‘machine learning’ attached to the strapline. Few of us have been working towards this market for the past 6 years!! Over many years in R&D our data scientists tested and deployed many different methods for extracting value out of data utilising natural language processing (NLP) and statistical machine learning. Our patent pending technology has been created over many years; not pieced together recently!

Why are Chatterbox Labs different?

We have an unrivalled academic pedigree, together with 6+ years of IP that is now patent pending. Partners utilising our NLP Framework can build their own products, cross industry within days. The data science is done Chatterbox has world class technology that accelerates product releases and route to market.

• We focus on $$$$ - monetising data.

• We deliver new products for a fraction of the cost of a team of data scientists.

• We utilise statistical machine learning – NOT rules based which is cumbersome and needs much intervention to amend.

• We can integrate into a partner technology stack within 2 days.

• We scale to enterprise level and classify in real-time

Our focus was not on one outcome or product; we designed and built our extensible framework to enable our partners with minimal effort to innovate quickly adapting to market changes. Each new product is created using our NLP Framework minimising the amount of effort required to bring it to market; avoiding expensive and potentially fraught redevelopment and coding.

The clear advantage of using our framework to create disruptive machine learning products is being recognised by many of the worlds leading technology companies.

If interested in understanding more please contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances, or visit our website