Chatterbox Labs Announce the Second Release of its Path 2 Purchase Product

Chatterbox Labs, a technology company that has developed and launched a multi-lingual framework for creating disruptive Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning products is pleased to announce the second release of its Path 2 Purchase product with enhanced functionality.

Chatterbox's NLP technology framework (process & method) was built by PhD educated scientists (Stanford & London) over the past 5 years in academia and delivers rapid NLP & Machine Learning productisation. The primary product built using the framework, Path 2 Purchase, is highly disruptive for purchase intent, social advertising and segmenting audiences across their purchase journey.

Chatterbox address the social path to purchase at every step of the purchase funnel; mining this to remove all the irrelevant noise, categorizing this and linking & tracking this using automated machine learning technology.

“We view Chatterbox’s technology and approach to be a huge differentiator. There are hundreds of companies doing social media and manipulating social data with poor ROI, but Chatterbox has developed unique technology that figures out the key data relating to purchase intent,” said Danny Coleman, CEO. “We believe that Chatterbox is changing the mindset of the industry and the way that brands will use data to guide their sales, service & marketing strategies.”

“Actionable data will transform the future economy,” said Dr Stuart Battersby, CTO. “We love that our NLP technology framework is redefining this space by pioneering a new category of marketing analytics to create new business applications.”

Chatterbox technology is available to global technology providers in partnership via annual subscription license. The solution can be integrated quickly and securely into an existing platform or software stack to provide detailed insight to purchase intent for action within CRM, Marketing Automation, Real-time Advertising Streams, Location Intelligence systems and DMPs for Audience Segmentation.

The brand opportunity: Twitter has circa 500m conversations per day. 4.6% of these conversations are brand related purchase intent, equating to 23m monetizable conversations per day that, until now, have remained hidden.

For more information please contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances via email or visit our web site