Cognitive Engine Use Cases – Healthcare

The healthcare ‘industry’ is vast and deals with large amounts of data in areas such as research but also in the treatment and in effect ‘processing’ of patients within the system and sub systems. Due to the highly regulated nature of healthcare there is a need for documentation and management of the ‘patient’ experience which has created an enormous set of largely ‘manual’ activities. Many of these are perfect for automation through the application of cognitive technologies that use natural language processing to interpret and understand text.

Some examples include:

  • Analysis of insurance claims for healthcare; machine learning yields insight on fraudulent applications. Reducing fraud provides faster access to care for genuine patients and reduces costs in premiums
  • Automation of the various ‘approval’ processes set by regulation that require a specialist to manually ‘approve’ a next step of treatment
  • Analysis and automation of the ‘treatment’ plan and associated prescriptions provided to a patient through ‘understanding’ notes within a patients documentation
  • Providing insight through an understanding of assessment data to create frameworks for proactively intervening in population health; thereby creating methods to reduce demand on the healthcare systems
  • The introduction of ‘wearables’ and sensors within a home or medical establishment has created the opportunity to use cognitive technology to automatically learn and interpret the data to provide personalised patient care management
  • Document classification at speed and accuracy
  • Management of inventory for healthcare across the supply chain; optimising for efficiency across multiple data streams

There are many ‘use’ cases for the application of cognitive technology in the healthcare industry. Our partners are uncovering new applications for our Cognitive Engine all the time.

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