Embed Cognitive Intelligence into your business – the science is done!

IDC forecast an increase in the application of ‘cognitive’ services into existing applications and business processes; from 1% today to 50% within 2 years; conservatively estimated to save US Enterprises alone over $60 billion a year. Forrester predict in 2016 globally enterprises will turn to companies like Chatterbox Labs to embed cognitive intelligence into their business.

Chatterbox Labs’ Cognitive Engine is used to create new disruptive products in days to automate existing processes with advanced machine learning. Chatterbox’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language classifiers uniquely harness the power of statistical machine learning methods. These are the only proven methods for real-time data processing at scale. The Cognitive Engine contains all the components to create these classifiers in days; with defined methods and processes derived from 6+ years of research and development. The Cognitive Engine has data annotation, pipelines, decision trees, classification, language learning, threshold & masking, testing & evaluation built in.

Our partners create products using the Cognitive Engine; no need for an experienced data science team – the hard work has been done. Products can be quickly tuned or amended to apply to a different industry, data set or specific area within a sector. Some key examples below highlight the general multi purpose application of one cognitive application across multiple industries. The ability of our classifiers to process and classify documents for instance is a use case that applies to all the sectors below. One product – multiple industry application; highly accurate and trained for specific classification of documents dependent on a specific customer requirement. The classifiers utilize statistical machine learning techniques that get smarter; and learn through use.

The illustration above demonstrates a number of use case scenarios our partners have been working on with their customers; each use case has a different degree of relevance to each sector. The 6 sectors are where we at Chatterbox Labs see the most disruption in the next 12 months through the delivery of cognitive solutions.

We empower our partners to build their own products in days by delivering the Cognitive Engine in-house; with access to source code with modification rights. This ensures our partners are in control of data privacy (often with highly confidential customer data); it minimises latency ensuring high performance and retains in-house control. Our partners can deploy their mid level engineers and analysts to address complex business scenarios and build a solution using the Cognitive Engine in days; iterating quickly and deploying in a live environment immediately.

Our 4 step partnership approach couldn’t be easier; get in touch today with your cognitive use case:

  1. Sign a mutual NDA
  2. Agree Proof of Concept Business Scenario
  3. We build sample classifiers
  4. 1 day on site deep dive

Get cognitive and transform your business with new AI, ML and NLP products that work faster, with greater accuracy than any manual or existing workflow process currently in place. Deliver greater efficiency, productivity and revenue opportunity into your own or your client’s business.

For more information please visit www.chatterbox.co or contact our VP Strategic Alliances, Andrew Watson Andrew@chatterbox.co