From academia to the real world - our business journey

Our Background

  • Convincing an academic board to turn ‘whitepapers, experiments and IP into reality’

  • To execute 6+ years of R&D IP into an NLP Framework that builds real-time commercial machine learning products

  • Utilize statistical machine learning methods (not rules) to build products in days

  • Remained in stealth mode in academia until the data science was done. I.e. Avoid the $10M of venture capital monies required and loss of control of the business before it began!

Building Blocks

  • Identifying and hiring data scientists who value research and experimentation over commercial reward

  • Ensure data scientists are valued, have a voice and a piece of the pie (equity)

  • Our business focus was to build a NLP and machine learning framework to support all future product development (iterative / multiple methods / multi-lingual / future-proof).

Patented Product Execution

  • Patent pending Path 2 Purchase was created with our NLP Framework

  • 36 Products were built for monetizing the entire consumer purchase journey

  • Product is multi-lingual and vertically aligned to specific industries

  • Operates at scale and in real-time; built solely for partner integration

Partnerships & Growth

  • Spent 18 months evaluating the US & China market before launch

  • Strategic business model – not direct to Enterprise or SaaS Platform focus

  • Engaged with 3 of the largest technology companies in the world within 3 months of commercial launch

  • We sit within 3 addressable markets with a total value of $116 BN

    1. $6 BN Text Analytics

    2. $10 BN Marketing Automation

    3. $100 BN Commerce

Where is NLP and Machine Learning heading next?

  • Deep Learning & AI will become central “to all that we do”

  • Research & Development Cycles will need to shorten

  • Commercial Use Cases & Exploitation are exponential

What next for Chatterbox Labs?

To continue to partner with world class companies that value our data science know how, build products together in days, disrupt markets and industries that without the commercial use of NLP & Machine Learning will be competitively disadvantaged.

For more information please contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances, or visit our web site