Cognitive Engine Use Cases – Automotive

The automotive industry is ripe for the application of cognitive technologies. The amount of data that can be applied in the design, development, maintenance and interaction with customers to derive competitive advantage is about to exponentially increase. The industry is seeking insight from the data created from:

  • Maintenance and repair reports
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Parts and inventory management demand and supply
  • GPS and usage data
  • Social network data
  • Embedded sensor data
  • Smart connected sensors – IoT / SIM cards

Huge amounts of data are being produced globally and the analysis of this data to produce cognitive insight is driving efficiency, innovation and a deep understanding of customers needs and wants.

Examples include:

  • Analysis of vehicle repair reports to uncover commonality for part failure to revisit design to ensure new models don’t have the same inherent costly issue
  • Analysis of customer interaction with features and design on the dashboard to understand which features are useful; feedback to new product design
  • Analysis of social data to understand purchase intent, likes and dislikes, complaints and recommendations to drive new revenue opportunities and manage negative feedback
  • To automate the management of available inventory and manufacture of parts in line with sensor data that highlights part failure or ‘wear and tear’

Gaining insight from the huge array of data being produced will provide manufacturers with methods to improve the product, align to customer expectations and reduce cost across the supply chain.

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