Money Grows on Decision Trees - You Need Path 2 Purchase

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they truly can monetize data without the use of Machine Learning, NLP, AI or Deep Learning, I'd be a billionaire. Execution and proof are everything in a real-time world.

When you can predict multi lingual purchase behaviour, mine, link & track consumers through the entire funnel in real-time with high accuracy at scale, the largest organisations in the world sit up and take notice. We are sharing our journey with some interesting companies.

This type of technology is not built over night - it takes one of two things when starting out:

  1. Huge investment to buy the best data scientists in the world - Even this is no guarantee of success
  2. To leverage the best data scientists in the world without sacrificing control of your company - This is doing the hard yards, but so much more fulfilling and fun

We chose the latter.

Having previously spent 6+ years in academia the team did all the hard yards of research, experiments, failures, iterative developments and successes long before I came along.

Now for the next part. Transitioning scientific technology to the real world with a framework and method that rolls out new products in days. As one industry leading exec remarked, Chatterbox Labs is 18 months - 2 years ahead of the curve and without competition.

Product disruption. Path 2 Purchase technology is market ready today. Version 2 was recently released to great success. We'd love to share our story with companies who understand that the market is today, not tomorrow.

Continuing the journey. Path 2 Purchase technology is ideally positioned to become the global industry de facto standard. Global data partners who are looking to drive millions of dollars of revenue have finally found a company that can deliver sizeable revenues using Machine Learning & NLP.

Whilst it took us years to get to this point, the foundations are laid for a company that has no boundaries.

The last word from me is, the proof is in the eating and I wanted to share some metrics which confirm what a super talented team I have. These metrics speak for themselves:

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