"Path 2 Consideration - ALL SECTORS" New Product Release

LONDON, UK. Chatterbox Labs, the leading provider of machine learning and NLP technology that monetizes real-time short form social data, are pleased to announce the release of “Path 2 Consideration – ALL SECTORS”.

Chatterbox Labs have developed an extensible NLP Framework that allows strategic partners to build real-time NLP products within days to suit industries and use cases, and the framework is adept at dealing with market dynamic changes. Chatterbox Labs’ leading product, Path 2 Purchase, monetizes real-time data streams to cut through the noise in billions of online conversations and pinpoint high value in-moment buyers across their path to purchase.

“Path 2 Consideration – ALL SECTORS” is specifically focussed on identifying pre-purchase consideration expressed on social data networks. Consideration is one of three specific classifications within our leading Path 2 Purchase product; we developed this product focussing on ‘pre-purchase consideration’ in response to specific demands our partners needed to satisfy. Consideration sees a consumer express a view they are considering one of more different brands ie. “New iPhone or Galaxy S5?”. This information could be critical in helping a brand close the deal in their direction though providing relevant advertising content to help the consumer decide. This product focusses across all sectors; in addition we are developing products for specific sectors using our NLP Framework.

Chatterbox Labs are a Data Science company operating in the areas of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Having spent 6 years in academia completing our multi-lingual machine learning technology framework and product suite, we are commercially exploiting the $10bn market opportunity including monetising real-time short-form social data in global markets. Our patent pending technology is disrupting commerce markets by pinpointing the ‘in’ moments on the consumer path to purchase.

130 million ‘in’ moment buyers right now globally

41 million of them show consideration now

For more information please contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances Andrew@chatterbox.co or visit our web site www.chatterbox.co/