Real-time Social Purchase Intent & Location Intelligence

With Chatterbox Labs' Path 2 Purchase NLP and Machine Learning technology organisations can cut through the noise within a real-time social dataset and drive immediate monetization. Our multi-lingual technology pinpoints buyers on their path to purchase and places them into one of three categories:

  • Interest – a consumer is showing interest, they may want or need a product
  • Consideration – a consumer is considering purchasing a product, they may be comparing multiple products
  • Lead Validation – a consumer has currently made up their mind to buy a product

Our machine learning classifiers are designed to process all the slang and niche language that is found in real social conversations. The Path 2 Purchase product is designed from the ground up for integration - this takes only two days.

I'd like to focus on integrating Chatterbox Labs' classifications with Location Intelligence - that is, the ability to pinpoint where a user is in real-time. This is a powerful combination - knowing from Chatterbox Labs that a customer is in the moment of purchase, and knowing from Location Intelligence where they are!

To demonstrate the point, we have a small sample dataset mapped using simply the user's Twitter profile location (a more advanced Location Intelligence system could give much greater coverage with much finer granularity), mapped using CartoDB's excellent mapping service.

Let's take a look at a global level. In these mappings, each circle is a user who is on their path to purchase. Associated with each user is the social message that they posted. We have used Chatterbox's Path 2 Purchase product to identify these users in our sample of messages and are plotting the Interest stage in blue, the Consideration stage in orange and the Lead Validation stage in green.

If we focus on the USA, in the Interest phase customers are early on their path to purchase:

Moving through Consideration where customers are often comparing products. This gives a good example of how Chatterbox Labs can process slang language with miss spellings and minimal grammar:

And finally, the Lead Validation stage in which a customer has made up their mind to buy a product:

Of course, within your software stack you can combine Chatterbox Labs' Path 2 Purchase with Location Intelligence and also temporal data, the possibilities are endless!

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