Social Selling Really Matters....

When sales people add social to their overall strategy they are outperforming their peers by some margin! And it’s all because the consumer is using social networks to review, compare and chat with their friends about what they are thinking of buying. Consumers are using social networks at multiple touch points on their path to purchase and smart salespeople are engaging with them and closing deals.

Check out the figures below; salespeople utilising social networks are more successful and exceed their targets.

It is no surprise that these sales are happening when you look at 2 critical stats published by Nielsen, which we shared earlier this week.

How do these salespeople gain their advantage? Are they simply social network gurus who know how to search, track and find information on their targets? We think so – they are the innovators in their companies and work that little bit extra hard to find the information that helps them close the deal. It is also a rather simple approach, reflective rather than real time.

The proof is clear, the consumer is out there looking to spend money and considering what to spend it on and smart sales people are managing to use social to sell and exceed target – so progressive technology vendors need to engage with social networks to equip their customers with the right information to win more business.

Until now that was too difficult a task; there is too much noise on social networks to decipher in real time. What is needed is a NLP Machine Learning approach to understanding and then classifying data.

Imagine if you could interpret a consumer message online and then enrich your CRM Sales solution in real time with that information to allow your sales team to take action?

Or use this information to target specific messages at that new or existing customer to close the deal?

How much additional sales and revenue could an organisation drive?

If all salespeople were equipped with proactive real time interpretations of ‘buying’ signals in the micro moment they exist it’s a win / win for the consumer and business.

Go beyond sentiment, go beyond searching for the information laboriously – get Path 2 Purchase; delivering real time information on consumers showing an interest, a consideration or a definite indication of imminent purchase.

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