The Chatterbox Labs Partner Advantage

Not every business needs a team of experienced data scientists to deliver a cognitive technology programme. Deliver faster and focus on the people aspects to create and deliver disruptive change.

Chatterbox Cognitive Engine – The Data Science is Done

When executives at one of our partners embarked on a cognitive technology solutions programme, they understood the requirement for experienced data scientists would be both costly from a budgeting point of view and a time-consuming recruitment process. The supply of experienced data scientists is sorely lacking and the ability to attract and retain a new team put immediate pressures on the programme.

When the executive team became aware of the Chatterbox Labs Cognitive Engine they immediately saw the potential to amend their requirements and get to market quickly with a partnership that allowed them to retrain an existing team of consultants and business analysts. The process couldn’t have been easier or quicker; after signing a mutual NDA a 1 day on site deep dive was organized to familiarize the existing team with Chatterbox Labs processes and methods. After a morning of information exchange and discussion the afternoon was spent creating new model classifiers and applying a learning process to a number of client data sets. The ease with which non technical members could define what they wanted to gain insight to, build and deploy a working model of a cognitive product really impressed the entire group.

A commercial partnership was entered into and the Chatterbox team spent 2 days deploying the Chatterbox Cognitive Engine onto the partner’s infrastructure and a single day cross training the entire internal team. The following week they spent 2 days with 5 real use case business scenarios creating and delivering working proof of concept models; 2 of which were accepted into production by the partner’s clients without modification.

Amending the models for live deployment proved to be a straightforward process without the need for recoding or complex rules changes owing to the statistical machine learning methods inherent in the Chatterbox Labs Cognitive Engine.

The Chatterbox Labs team provided support and guidance via email, telephone and webinars when required but the partner ‘Cognitive Solutions’ team effectively standalone in their ability to analyse a customer use case, define and build cognitive models and quickly deliver their benefits in days. In their own words, the nearest competitor outlined a 10 week process for the same outcomes at 3 times the cost. The complexity that initially was thought would require the input of experienced data scientists is already built into the Cognitive Engine. With less focus on the data science the team adopted a more in-depth consultancy approach to harness the impact on the clients staff; ensuring appropriate training and change management was aligned to the cognitive technology delivery.

Danny Coleman CEO of Chatterbox Labs commented, “what we deliver to partners with the Cognitive Engine is a massive acceleration of their plans to ‘get cognitive’ without the need to attract and hire an expensive data science team”. He added “the cost of an Enterprise License is in many cases less than hiring a couple of new staff; partners are seeing a return on investment within the first quarter of the partnership.”

Chatterbox Cognitive Engine delivers artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing capability in one to provide mid level business analysts with the ability to create new cognitive products in days. Over 6 years of research and development by our PhD educated data scientists is embedded within the process and methods available to our partners creating new cognitive products for their clients.

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