The Data Science is Done – Create Cognitive Products in Days

Data Scientists – “The sexiest job of the 21st century”

Data Scientists are in serious demand as globally large enterprises seek to make sense of the ‘big data’ they have accumulated. Now is the time to gain insight from the data; and they need the analytical mind and skills of data scientists. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review 40% of companies struggle to find the analytical talent they need; consensus points to a 1.5 million shortfall in the market.

The massive demand can’t be satisfied quickly either; data science hasn’t always been sexy; quite the opposite and therefore hasn’t attracted capable graduates. However as average salaries for new data scientists hits $91,000 many students are enrolling on courses to get their rewards. However these new recruits won’t be in the market for some time as data science isn’t as easy as learning web development; it’s a complex and demanding discipline to acquire.

NLP Framework

The demand can’t wait that long and so enterprises and professional consultancies are turning to platforms with the data science embedded. At Chatterbox Labs our team of data scientists have been building our NLP Framework on the back of 7+ years of research and development. We utilise statistical machine learning; its clever and unlike rules based approaches our software learns as it works through all the data you can throw at it. All aspects of the data science is done; data management, training, iterative models of annotation to allow for the rapid (in days) creation of smart, data driven machine learning products to address use cases across multiple industries and data silos. There is no need to spend weeks rewriting rules, code or bespoke elements of the software; our framework has it all built in to deliver on your business case.


The commercial value of our proposition is only limited by the array of use cases our partners can uncover; and considering our arena of cognitive computing technology is viewed as having the most potential within a $60bn market opportunity those limits are low. Specialist data science consulting practices within some of the worlds largest professional services businesses are working alongside us to exploit the opportunities. We provide a full end to end onboarding programme for partners; with training and support built in. The simple truth however is this can be achieved in days and weeks; not months. A dedicated team can be creating new products with 1-2 days of training and hands on support from our data science team.

No need to wait for the next batch of data science recruits to emerge from college; Chatterbox Labs NLP Framework can deliver all the difficult science allowing your teams to focus on your use case; placing disruptive, highly scalable and accurate machine learning products at the speed of light.

For further information on the Chatterbox Labs NLP Framework please visit our web site or contact our VP Strategic Alliances, Andrew Watson