Beyond sentiment - extracting the £££ out of social data

Social data is rich in value; globally marketers and salespeople are getting their heads around just how valuable. Up until recently 'value' was being derived from dashboards of 'sentiment' analysis; informing brands of their positive / negative or neutral impact on a consumer audience who tagged them. Rightly so the 'value' of sentiment analysis has been questioned; especially the call to action or lack of financial benefit.

The key piece of value in social data is understanding intent not sentiment - especially 'intent' to buy which is giving an indication of money being spent.

On the path to purchase consumers interact socially and in micro moments - they interact with brands, with strangers, with friends - hinting at interest in a product or asking opinion. They talk in their own language, use slang, emoticons, abbreviations, sarcasm, comedy as they pursue a purchase decision (or not). Marketers need new tools and techniques to identify intent in messaging; they don't need a bland view of how they are viewed; they need to know each individuals thoughts and then provide a system to drive the sales process. The world of data driven 1:1 marketing and sales is here and adding social data triggers to the mix is going to truly disrupt the marketplace.

Path 2 Purchase - our leading NLP Machine Learning solution delivers classified social data in real time. Our clever algortihms and classifiers intelligently understand the idiosyncracies of short form social data with its abbreviations and emoticons. We take away all the advertising and corporate messaging; then we focus on pre-purchase intent and post-purchase data. At pre-purchase stage we can identify an interest, consideration or a validated lead statement providing marketers with real calls to action for interacting with existing or new customers.

If you could target your messsaging correctly and even intervene directly with an offer you could guide someone on their path to purchase to a successful engagement with you.

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