Segment with Science - Using Machine Learning to drive revenue $$$

Listen to your customers ‘IN’ moment

“82% of smartphone users turn to their devices to make a product decision”

Mobile is where todays consumers are ‘in’ moment on their path to purchase. Understanding these mobile moments is key for brands today to build relationships with consumers that will endure; the pace of change is phenomenal – the new models are being driven by advances in technology. On one hand the consumer has more choice than ever and can get what they need in one ‘moment’ on their mobile. On the other marketers have a vast array of new marketing technology to meet the consumer in the moment.

The old methods of targeting by assumption, mass broadcast to our best guess audience aren’t cutting it any more. Todays demanding consumer is seeking a 1:1 relationship and its driving significant innovation across the world’s leading technology companies. No wonder ‘machine learning’ is one of the hottest sectors right now as its been recognised that to handle the scale of deep personalisation demanded by consumers requires automation with in built intelligence. That intelligence is built on years of academic research to teach machines to understand human language; to decipher the hints and cues in the ether and present them to be actioned. The scale of ‘moments’ occurring can’t be handled by existing ‘dumber’ systems or human interaction; you need to embrace ‘machine intelligence’.

‘Segment with Science’ vs ‘Hit and Hope’ is our way of demonstrating the old vs the new. A ‘moment’ is just that; transitory – you can’t react with an offer 24 hours later, that ‘moment’ comes and it goes – the consumer needs relevance in real-time.

We are leading the market in the creation of disruptive NLP Machine Learning products that allow marketers to identify ‘intent’ in the moment on social data networks. We build out a range of products utilising our NLP Framework; an extensible solution that facilitates the creation and production of new product in days – not weeks or months - without the need for an expensive team of data scientists to intervene and recode.

Our leading product suite is Path 2 Purchase; which allows our partners to identify intent in the consumer ‘moment’ in real-time. Path 2 Purchase works at scale in real-time to decipher the ‘moments’ that matter. Across different sectors this could be between 3-15% of all the consumer messaging happening according to our analysis. We find 3 key levels of pre-purchase intent and classify these as :

INTEREST – a ‘moment’ whereby a consumer is showing interest in a purchase
CONSIDERATION – a ‘moment’ when they are considering one or more brands
LEAD VALIDATION – a ‘moment’ whereby they state they are going to make a purchase

We can deploy Path 2 Purchase as a suite or we can segment and deploy ‘interest’ ‘consideration’ ‘lead validation’ as a separate product focussed on a particular partner / customer need. We can simply find post purchase ‘moments’ whereby consumers express good or bad signals about their purchase experience.

Whatever you need to listen to we can find; don’t ‘hit and hope’ with your budgets for customer acquisition; ‘segment with science’, target on purchase intent and drive revenue to the bottom line.

For more information please contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances, or visit our web site