Your Data. Your Business.

Get Cognitive. Be Different.

The 4th Industrial revolution is upon us; driven by technology that can mimic human intelligence and undertake functions at a speed and scale needed to cope with the huge amounts of data we now create daily. Opinions on what this all means for humankind are divided but it’s clear how we work, live and relate to each other will fundamentally change.

Digital disruption is here and driving this new revolution; experts agree it is distinct in its “velocity, scope and systems impact.” This revolution is exponential in its evolution; disrupting cross industry and in every country. Connectivity, the commoditisation of processing power and storage, data creation and access to knowledge is driving innovation at the speed of light.

When data is described as the new oil it is a reference to when oil reservoirs were first uncovered; data like oil only becomes valuable when we learn to extract it and use it for competitive advantage. Data is the key driving the revolution in artificial intelligence; the ability of machines to sift through and make sense of data with algorithms at speed and scale sets them apart from human limitations. When the data can be understood and interpreted by the machines you ‘Get Cognitive’ – ‘the act or process of knowing or perceiving’.

“…..the risk of investing too late in smart machines is likely greater than the risk of investing too soon.” – Gartner 2014

2 years later and Gartner’s prediction is proving right; and CEO’s cross-industry are looking to make strategic investments in cognitive computing; and the world’s major technology companies are aligning to this need right now. As the worlds consumers get more demanding industry needs to evolve or die slowly. New business models are possible and needed to thrive in a world of such competiveness your next competition could be emerging right now as an idea in a new startup – set to disrupt your ‘established’ position.

Why Invest and Not Be Different?

Considering the need to invest in cognitive technology, the imperative to deliver unique models to your customers and the access to your own data its critical to have flexibility in your solution of choice.

At Chatterbox Labs we work with our partners on delivering cognitive solutions to their customers across multiple industries and use cases. One of the key things we see is the uniqueness of every solution; even when it’s the same industry and in effect the same use case the way the solution is crafted is different. Flexibility in the creation of the solution, the iterative amends that are made and its deployment on premise have been major advantages in our approach.

There is no point in deploying a cognitive solution that ‘mimics’ human intelligence just to ‘mimic’ your nearest competitor; you need to be different; be unique. The established ‘platform’ approach can work for some businesses but its inherently too rigid and inflexible in this new era of cognitive computing for many. You need to cede control of your most important asset – your data; all of it, sent up to the cloud for API driven algorithms to do their work and then present the results to you in a visualisation that may not be your choice. This presents serious considerations regarding security of your information and the performance or latency of the cognitive application no matter what SLA you negotiate. You have to work within pre-configured constraints or set features that limit the possibilities of your vision.

The Chatterbox Labs Approach

At Chatterbox we recognised the need and advantages for our partners to take control. Having control meant having our Cognitive Engine on premise; ensuring privacy over their clients’ data and minimising latency. Control meant having access to source code modification rights; if our model didn’t fit they could make some amends themselves to meet their clients’ demands. Having control meant we didn’t force a data visualisation tool or engineered user interface on them when all they wanted was to take our cognitive results and deliver them to their clients’ visualisation tool of choice.

However mostly control was all about providing 6+ years of research and development in our solution; our methods and processes – the data science – embedded in our Cognitive Engine so mid-level analysts could build new models quickly; in hours let alone days. Not quite right? Make some changes; iterate, be agile.

Take control of your cognitive revolution; it’s your data and your business – make it your solution and get ahead of the competition.

About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs power cognitive solutions for the world's leading technology and professional services companies. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine has the data science baked in; providing the constituent components required to create disruptive cognitive products in days. At its core are market leading statistical machine learning classifiers that operate with speed, scale and precision. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine can work with real–time short and long form data to embed cognitive intelligence into business processes and applications. Chatterbox Labs work with massive amounts of unstructured data, providing context and human like understanding to business information delivering efficiency, cost reduction and new revenue opportunities across industries. Chatterbox Labs only sell via partners; providing them with full source code on premise and private cloud delivering high performance, privacy and control.

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